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​​​​​Disposal/Recycling Centers

Mecklenburg County Full-Service Drop Off Centers will be CLOSED on Saturday, December 24, 2022 and Monday, December 26, 2022 in observance of the Christmas Holiday. 

The Full-Service Drop Centers will re-open on Tuesday, December 27, 2022 from 7 AM to 4 PM. 

The Full-Service Drop Centers will close in observance of New Years on Monday, January 2, 2023.

The Full-Service Drop Centers will re-open on Tuesday, January 3, 2023 from 7 AM to 4 PM. 

Mecklenburg County Full-Service Drop Center Upcoming Holiday Schedule


Effective immediately through September 1, 2022: 

North Mecklenburg Recycling Center cannot accept loads (commercial or residential) over 3-cubic yards.


Unstaffed Self-Service 


Staffed Full-Service Drop Off Centers

Recycling and Material Disposal

Bulk Compost Sales is available up to 5 cubic yards per customer, per day at the Hickory Grove, North Mecklenburg and Foxhole Centers effective immediately. Orders larger than 5 cubic yards will be directed to the Compost Central Full-Service Center, located at 140 Valleydale Road, Charlotte, NC 28214. For reference purposes, a typical pick-up truck will hold 5-cubic yards. 

Any compost orders larger than 10-cubic yards must be ordered 24-hours in advance through the Manager by sending an e-mail to: SolidWaste requesting approval for amounts 10-cubic yards and larger.

Mecklenburg County DOES NOT collect the curbside materials. The collection at your home is the responsibility of the municipality in which you live. For residents wishing to haul their own materials, Mecklenburg County has two-types of drop off centers: 

To ensure a pleasant visit, please review the Acceptance Guidelines for Materials.

For commercial businesses, there are charges for construction debris, yard and tree waste, and bulky items (furniture), while the disposal of proper recyclables, bagged household trash, and cardboard is free.

 When you visit our drop off centers, please note that each bin is clearly marked with acceptable items. Staff is available to assist you with questions at the full service drop off centers.
For more information, please click on the appropriate illustration below:

All Drop Off Centers Accept:
    • Office paper
    • cardboard
    • pizza boxes
    • magazines
    • newspapers
    • phonebooks
    • empty aerosol cans
    • milk and juice cartons
    • aluminum cans,
    • steel cans
    • tin cans
    • glass bottles
    • plastic bottles (with necks)

Full-Service Drop Off  Centers are staffed and accept a wider variety of materials for recycling, including:
    • washers and dryers
    • stoves, refrigerators/freezers (emptied please)
    • computers, TV's
    • lawn mowers
    • car and bicycle tires
    • household hazardous wastes

      Full-Service Drop Off Centers also accept trash & waste for disposal, some fees may apply.  Visit the specific FULL-SERVICE Drop Off Center's page to see the specific items collected at each Center.     

Examples of items that are NOT ACCEPTABLE in your home/curbside recycling bins if your live in Mecklenburg County: 

    • Styrofoam and other packing materials
    • Text and hardback books
    • Plastics where the neck and mouth are the same size or bigger than the body,  such as egg cartons, yogurt cups, fast food soda cups, stadium cups, buckets etc.
    •  Aluminum foil, foil food pans, etc.
    •  Water hoses, PVC pipes etc.
    • Any plastic film such as wrapping, garbage and grocery plastic bags, bubble wrap, etc. (please dump all recyclables out of the bag, and place the bag in the trash or take the bag back home.)
    • Vinyl records, kiddie pools, plastic drainage pipe, outdoor toy sets, etc.
    • Needles should not be placed in your curbside recycling container! Secure the needles in either a duct taped sharps container or a rigid plastic, such as a laundry detergent container and in your curbside trash container.
When you visit our drop off centers, please note that each bin is clearly marked with acceptable items. Staff is available to assist you with questions at the full-service drop off centers.

For more information, contact us using our 24hr information line  (980) 314-3867 or by email.



Office Location:

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Hours: Disposal Site Hours Mon-Sat  7 a.m. - 4 p.m.


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